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  1. Malagis
    “I get it” and “I got it” are both used to convey understanding. Tone of voice plays a large role in how your conversational partner perceives your response. Teenagers might say “I get it, Mom,” using their tone of voice to indicate that they are fed up with the counsel they are receiving.
  2. Kajijinn
    Apr 13,  · Hillmann: Since there’s no real way to know at this point who might have had it, unless you’re symptomatic, you get a swab and are definitively diagnosed with it, I would just act as if you.
  3. Mudal
    do you still get it? 2 · Reply · Apr 25, | · Nateyoung · , M. That stinks and I bet it hurt a lot. 0 · Reply · Aug 29, | · Nateyoung · , M. I got pretty much the same punishment as you did so we both know what that kinda punishment feels like.
  4. Fenribar
    Could you have already had the coronavirus earlier this year and not know it? Experts explain when the virus likely arrived in the US and what it means if you did have it.
  5. Yogal
    Jul 08,  · Even if you do get sick during that day period, it might not necessarily be related to COVID You could get sick because of something else. If 14 days pass and you don't show any signs of illness, this generally means that you're no longer at risk for getting sick from COVID or passing the illness on to others.
  6. Kagataur
    How do they decide if you should get the loan or not? level 2. 1 point · 3 months ago. Nobody really knows for sure (not even the SBA, I was just on the phone with them), but it seems like they're playing this fast and loose, so I'd make a very good assumption that it's first come, first served.
  7. Ganris
    Mar 26,  · But it's also plausible that some cases did arrive in the U.S. earlier than the first reported case in January. Experts say additional testing and research is needed to get an exact picture. Our.
  8. Digore
    You also get an extra $6 per week for each dependent you claim, up to five dependents, but your benefits can’t exceed $ For example, if your highest base period was $5, and you have three dependents, your weekly benefits could be $ ($5, x % = $ + (3 x $6) = $).

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